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DIY Double Edge Floating Frame + Great Source for Canvas Prints!

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Hello my friends! As you know I’ve been focused a lot on building up my travel art shop that I launched earlier this year, so it was serendipitous when I was contacted by to show off two ways to print artwork using their services. I was so happy to partner with them because their canvas prints are the best prices online!

Today I’m sharing with you all the details on this 24×40” canvas seascape and the natural wood double edge floating frame I built for it.



First I want to highlight Canvas Discount’s custom acrylic photo prints. I had my Sonoma Water Lilies art printed on acrylic because I thought it would look beautiful with a high gloss finish.

The water in the art print reflects the watercolor water lilies so I love how the high gloss finish on this 16×20” acrylic print is also reflective!


You can see there’s a hint of reflection in the bottom corner of the print photographed below. Acrylic prints are flat with a gorgeous glossy sheen so they’re a modern way to hang frameless art. They come with a flat adhesive metal hanger so you can hang them on the wall without a frame. To get a similar look, upload any of your own art or a digital download you’ve purchased to Canvas Discount and select acrylic photo prints.


Back to the DIY double edge canvas framing project…

I ordered a canvas in the 24×40” size from and it arrived within a week well packaged in a cardboard box with the canvas wrapped in bubble wrap.

The artwork is from my Restless Art print shop. I uploaded Gold Coast and had it printed on canvas in the 24×40” size, the price was only $43.20!  I spent $16 on the wood so the total cost was $58.

This print would be sold for much more in any retail store!



Canvas Direct’s factory direct canvas print prices are the best prices I’ve seen. Upload any of your own images and select the size you want, and they’ll ship a canvas to you within a week! If you use the code CENTSATIONALSTYLE you’ll get an additional 10% off! For this project, I worked with a canvas print that was ¾” thick.



If you love the seascape pictured it’s the Gold Coast print from Restless Art. You can purchase and download it from my art shop for $9 and it includes the 24×40 size as shown. 🙂

The outside of the frame is a smooth flat edge that surrounds the canvas, while the inside has a second piece with a small routed edge that adds just an little bit extra dimension and detail.

To make your own double edge floating canvas frame, you’ll need these supplies: miter box, miter saw (optional), strips of 1 1/2” pine lattice and 3/8”pine glass bead from Lowe’s (I bought two 8 foot strips of each to wrap a 24×40” canvas), brad nailer or very thin nails, wood glue, painter’s tape, pencil, and wood filler for any gaps.

Here are the SKU numbers for the pine trim from Lowe’s: 3553 is the 1 1/8” pine lattice and 13181 is the 3/8” pine glass bead.

I used a pencil to measure the outside edge of the canvas and mitered the lattice first so that the corners came together at a 45 degree angle. I used my miter saw because it’s quicker, but you can also use a miter box, it just takes longer to cut the flat lattice.

A miter box is cheap, only $15, and they come in handy for cutting thin trim.

I should mention I used a sharper Stanley saw for my manual cuts, not the one that comes with the cheap miter box. It helped keep the edges smoother because it had a finer blade.

The miter saw was too powerful for the thin bead pieces. I tried it and it splintered so I used the miter box and it worked perfectly.

This is how the angles look next to each other. They’re a perfect 45 degrees so they meet and match in the corners. Notice how the outside edge of the routed bead piece starts at the inside edge of the bottom of the mitered lattice piece to form a straight line at a 45 degree angle.

Use a thin line of wood glue to attach the flat edge of the routed bead piece to the front of the flat side of the mitered lattice. Use painter’s tape every 4 inches or so to hold the pieces together while the wood glue dries. Allow to dry a minimum of 12 hours.

Before you attach the four sides to the frame, you can paint or stain your frame any color! Walnut, white, black, gold, whatever  you like! I kept my frame natural wood because I thought it complemented the palette of the seascape print.

I used tiny brad nails to secure the edges to the four corners of my wrapped canvas. You could also use very thin headless nails and patch them with wood filler. If there are gaps after you staple and glue it together, you can use wood filler in matching wood tone.

When it’s all assembled, here’s how it looks! A custom wood frame for $16 bucks!

The canvas came with a hanging kit, so I can hang it on the wall if I wish but for now it’s nice just propped up against the wall.


Be sure to bookmark for all your photo and art printing needs, they offer canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, and more! Use the code CENTSATIONALSTYLE for an additional 10% off!

*This post is in partnership with I was supplied a free acrylic print but I purchased the canvas art myself. All opinions are my own.

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Contemporary Bathroom Tile Wainscoting

I don’t have any active project in the works right now, because coronavirus but I’ve always loved watching how others are remodeling their spaces in fresh and creative ways. I’ve noticed some modern tile wainscoting installations beyond basic subway tile and they caught my eye.

Wainscoting is a decades old way of making walls more interesting. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom anytime in the future, here are a few contemporary tile wainscoting installations to give your space that wow factor.


brooke wagner design


house of chais


jenna sue design



wild run farms

cle tile




arent & pyke

elle decor

the fresh exchange

Articles you might also like: zellige tile spotlight and black tile backsplashes done right.


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Weekend Reading 7.5.20

Hello my friends, and happy Fourth of July weekend. Ours was very mellow, just a backyard BBQ, not much different than a regular summer night! With spreading virus cases in California, we kept the Fourth low key.

I’m working on some projects around the house. I have to patch some broken tile (nothing to really blog about) and I have an art framing project to share when it’s done! Meanwhile, this week’s favorite links are…

This remodeled Victorian with coastal colors and textures.

Love the shade of blue and wallpaper backdrop on these built ins.

Home upgrades that your neighbors appreciate. 🙂

An inspiring floor project made of diamond cut wood in three stains!

Soft patterns and tones in this gender neutral nursery.

Wow, what a striking stair mural. So pretty!

This faux grasscloth mirror makeover is impressive.

This DIY concrete coffee table is a nice addition to an outdoor seating area.

100 screen free activities to do with kids.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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36 Hours in Mendocino

Yesterday I returned from an overnight road trip with my daughter, we drove up the Northern California coastline to neighboring Mendocino County and spent the night at a little B&B. I wanted to squeeze in a little getaway to a place I’ve never been, and spend some one-on-one time with my teenager. A little coastal road trip was the perfect medicine for our cabin fever!

We got very lucky with the weather. As we pulled into town the sun was shining and when we left the next afternoon, fog had already settled over the county. Unlike Southern California beaches where you can pretty much guarantee sunshine most of the year, Northern California’s coastal weather is unpredictable, it changes from hour to hour, day to day, but that’s what makes our coastline mysterious and alluring! Some of our vistas look like they’re straight out of a “Best of California” travel guide.

I’ve lived my whole life in Northern California, I’ve traveled east to Sacramento and Tahoe and I’ve been to most of the southern parts of our state, but this was the first time I’ve been this far north along the coast. What took me so long?!


The drive is a winding one, so if you ever make the Highway 1 road trip, be prepared to go slow around all the bends as you make your way north, but on arrival in Mendocino, you’ll enjoy one of the most charming towns in California! The town is easy to explore within a 24 hour period.

The architecture is a mixture of clapboard sided homes and Victorians with white picket fences. The town feels like a throwback to a bygone era, no wonder it’s a destination for so many travelers to the region! The residences have my favorite kind of gardens: wild yet manicured. There must be something in the soil because the lavender and hydrangea are some of the most intense shades of purple I’ve ever seen.

A few of the shops were open so we stopped in to browse the locally made goods and enjoy the sunny weather and coastal views before heading back home.

The entire town is being very conscientious because of Covid-19. There weren’t many people there mid week so it was sleepy, but thankfully everyone was wearing masks and social distancing and using hand sanitizer. The local merchants were grateful we stopped in for the day in support of the community.

Add Mendocino County to your travel list if you’re ever in California, the hiking paths and views of the ocean are some of the most scenic in the USA!

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Etsy Finds: Outdoor & Backyard Activities

Hey Moms and Dads. Are your kids bored? Are you tired of them watching TV or begging for screens? It’s not even July yet. 🙂

I rounded up a few ways to entertain the kids outdoors and support some small online businesses on Etsy!

cornhole boards


box of outdoor activities


smores kits


leafy greens seed starter



“things i love” scavenger hunt (printable)


nature craft kit


neighborhood scavenger hunt (printable)


monarch butterfly growing kit


mandala rock painting kit


rope toss game


animal tracks memory game (printable)



knot learning kit


yardzee – lawn dice game set




outdoor connect four


nature bingo (printable)


dinosaur terrarium kit and also unicorn!




star gaze with night sky learning cards


Hopefully there is something to inspire a few ideas for your little ones this summer!

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Summer Tech Wallpapers (Free Downloads)

Hello friends and happy summer to you! I was playing around with some graphic arts software that I use and created a few new wallpapers for your desktop, laptop, tablets, and phones!

Below find five new styles, all free downloads. Each design is available to download in four formats. The 16×9 ratios work for most desktop monitors, and the 16×10 ratios work nicely for most laptops. Links to tablet and phone wallpapers are available too, find the links below each design. Just click on them and you can download the .jpg file and set it as wallpaper on your computer, tablet, or cellphone.

Watercolor Waves


watercolor waves desktop (16×9) / watercolor waves laptop (16×10)

watercolor waves for tablet / watercolor waves phone (9×16)



Dancing Ribbons


dancing ribbons desktop (16×9) / dancing ribbons laptop (16×10)

dancing ribbons for tablet / dancing ribbons phone (9×16)


Summer Rain

summer rain desktop (16×9) / summer rain laptop (16×10)

summer rain for tablet / summer rain phone (9×16)


Lavender Field

lavender field desktop (16×9) / lavender field laptop (16×10)

lavender field for tablet / lavender field phone (9×16)



gemstones desktop (16×9) / gemstones laptop (16×10)

gemstones for tablet / gemstones phone (9×16)


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Updating the Dining Room

My sister-in-law had a rug in her family room that used to belong to my mother-in-law, and now that she’s redecorating it’s ours. I’ve always liked it, and the colors are ones that I tend to gravitate toward — rust orange, pink, olive, and blue on a warm neutral base. (This rug has a similar color palette and feel.)

Vintage Rug with Paint and Fabric Swatches

Ideally, for maximum before and after effect, I would reupholster the dining chairs. Practically though, the beige fabric is still in great shape and I have matching waterproof seat covers to protect the kids’ chairs. They’re fine! The fabric may be a bit on the boring side, but it’s fine.

Our dining room is always dark though. It faces North and our house is close to the neighbors on that side, so even with two huge windows, there’s not a lot of natural light. Not helping is the antique pendant which, while very cool, has only a single bulb. I’ve always wanted to add sconces.

I’ve also always wanted to add wallpaper, but sconces first. And now that we’re brining in a new (to us) patterned rug and more lighting, I’m thinking a coat of paint may be in order instead of papering. The walls are a subtle pink that I still like, but would be happy to change for something more fun or dramatic.

So! Sconces. Honestly, I keep coming back to the same one and have loved it for years. I could overthink this, as is my wont, or I could just move forward with a pair of Vendome double sconces. It’s a beautiful fixture without being showy, and a classic design that looks great in a lot of homes. I’m not beholden to period-appropriate lighting (my Victorian originally had gas lights), but I do like to go either very modern or classic. These sconces are obviously the latter.

Vendome Antique Brass Double Sconce

The dog rose botanical print will go elsewhere and the sconces will flank the windows. And I’m excited! I love our home. It doesn’t need constant full-scale makeovers (as fun as those are), and these incremental changes over time always add up to something wonderful and personal.

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Modern Uses of Breeze Blocks

Ever since my visit to Palm Springs I’ve had breeze blocks on my mind. They’re iconic in that part of California as part of the mid century modern style of homes that surged in popularity in the 1950s and 1960s and they’re incorporated into the architecture in the form of screens and walls.

Breeze blocks allow for ventilation but also provide some privacy and sun protection. Another bonus is they are structural so they can be used in place of framing for support. The use of breeze blocks is making a huge comeback as an architectural element for its ornamental look and vintage vibe. It’s a popular addition in the hotter climates of North American and Australia. I found some very creative modern uses for breeze blocks that could be incorporated into different styles of homes as a decorative element.

Yard Enclosure

Yard Fencing

homes to love


Courtyard Corner

georgia cannon


Decorative Screen

riverland projects


cubic products


Wall Adornment

homes to love


Outdoor Rooms


Framed Entry

diamond roster


Deck Privacy

bask & stow

Garage/Carport Wall

cubic products

Outdoor Bench

Outdoor Kitchen Island

ascher smith

Indoor to Outdoor Transition

arch daily

Arbor Support & Bench Backdrop

fig landscapes

Pool Enclosure

bask and stow

Which breeze block installation is your favorite?


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Weekend Reading 6.20.2020

I spent most of my week hanging out with a handful of friends since we’ve all been so isolated for months! It was nice to spend a few hours reconnecting with the faces I’ve missed so much.

I’ve also been doing a lot of sitting, thinking, and daydreaming in the sunshine. I believe part of achieving healthy balance in life is not always being productive, but also taking time to rest. I love the leisurely pace of summer and it feels even lazier this year because of the impact of the virus on movement and activities. I’m rolling with it and actually enjoying it. Instead of traveling overseas or across the country, I’m visiting places around my county that I don’t usually explore, and it’s been really lovely doing just that. 🙂

Favorite links from the web this week:

Clever and practical: this outdoor dining ledge.

Simple and chic: This IKEA cane sideboard DIY project.

Beautiful exterior Dutch doors.

Wow —> Incredible imagined spaces.

An impressive double decker bus transformation.

Watch a terra cotta bowl come to life.

This watermelon basil slush recipe looks delish.

Emotional intelligence and the use of the awkward silence in conversation.


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