Creative Tile Patterns with Basic Shapes

My last article was about my fabulous trip to Belgium but one image I failed to include was the one below. I was strolling down the street in Antewerp and the corner facing door of this cafe was wide open. As I walked by, a glimpse of the bold tile floor stopped me in my tracks. I stepped inside and this is what I saw.



Stunning right? All that black and brass is so sophisticated, so chic! (Don’t miss the cute little pooch off to the side hiding under the table!) You can see this dramatic pattern on the floor was created with three colors of hexagon tile.

It’s easy to shop for and purchase bold geometric floor tile and you can find more affordable porcelain alternatives and get the cement tile look for less. What takes just a bit more creativity (and installation time) is a geometric pattern created with basic tile shapes. I love the look of bold patterned tile, I used it on the floor in this bathroom reno and on the fireplace surround in this fireplace makeover too.

Today’s topic is all about patterns made from basic tile shapes, from subtle variations in color to bold statements.

starting with a basic rotating gray and white triangle pattern


wendy word design

another subtle pattern created using tonal rectangular tiles


howell’s architecture and design

how cool is this high contrast triangular tile pattern


love tiles

a creative use of rectangular blue and white glass tile in a random pattern


may construction

scallops in random backsplash installation – so cool


desire to inspire

I found this creative design made with 3×6” subway tile in a frame formation. Find more idea for installing subway tile in this article about potential subway tile patterns.




Mini hexagons make countless patterns, this takes careful planning but look at the beautiful result!


jessica helgerson


morning star builders



tim barber x 2


via decoracion

I discovered the Ant Tile Design Gallery has a lot of creative tile patterns. These are mosaics, but notice how all of these patterns are created with triangles.






above images via Ant Tile

This is a cool idea, rotating black and white hex tiles.


sarah sherman samuel


Another creative pattern created simply by cutting and swapping triangle corners from rectangular tiles.

source unknown

Some mosaic tile mesh sheets have built in geometric patterns to inspire a creative layout in your colors of choice, and there are any number of modular or interlocking formations:


tile store online




The possibilities are endless for combining shapes into creative patterns!


ando studio


jessica helgerson


barbara aurell via decoracion

You might also like geometric tile floors and alternatives to white subway tile.


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